For the past two decades, the formal and non-formal education system has been limited, or in some cases non-existent, in some parts of Somalia. The dearth of educated professionals to support education services is profound and the infrastructure is insufficient to provide for the number of individuals who need educational services in order to continue to lead productive lives. Vision Corps Initiative is cognizant that education forms the foundation of a society and always (under this sector) seeks to improve the access to quality formal and non-formal education for children, youth, and adults.



Focus remains on the areas of animal health, leadership, and environment. Under Education programs, Vision Corps Initiative support non-formal education (NFE) for children, youth, and adults; technical and vocational education for unemployed youth and adults; and formal primary education (grades 1-8 for age 7-14). In addition to this, Vision Corps Initiative also focuses on providing support for girls’ education; construction and rehabilitation of educational institutions; provision of school facilities (latrines, playgrounds, furniture, and equipment); capacity building for teachers, facilitators, CBOs, and other education stakeholders; and co-curricular activities (clubs and other out of school activities).