What We Do

Our programs involve the support of various sectors deemed by the organization as crucial to the socio-economic development and sustainability of the target communities; and classified under six thematic areas including Health and Nutrition, (WASH) water sanitation and hygiene, Food Security and Livelihoods, Natural Resource Management, Peacebuilding, and Civic Engagement.

The organization always seeks to establish mutually-beneficial partnerships with other non-profit, commercial, and governmental organizations and institutions, and harness these relationships for the benefit of the communities. Moreover, we also take advantage of the existing social structures as a delivery mechanism.

Health & Nutrition

The Health and Nutrition sector has been a priority since our inception. Nutrition, reproductive health, immunization, communicable diseases and health infrastructures are the key areas of support in this sector,


For the past two decades, formal and non-formal education systems have been limited, or in some cases non-existent, in some parts of Somalia.

Food Security & Livelihoods

We believe that it is crucial to improve communities’ long-term food security through building resilience to drought.

Natural Resource Management

Under this sector, we focus on banning or discouraging charcoal burning, planting both edible and non-edible trees, promotion of solar power, and protecting coastal areas.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

The past two-decade conflict resulted to deterioration of the water and sanitation situation across Somalia, rendering communities’ social structures and coping mechanisms non-functiona

Peacebuilding & Civic Engagement

Following over 2 decades of conflict, political developments in the past 2 years ushered hope that Somalia is at long last on path to sustainable peace and reconciliation.

Where We Work

We operate in Kenya and Somalia where we send our specialists and provide children and their families at risk with medical, nutritional, and social care. We have more than 100 workers in both Kenya and Somalia.

Where Does the Money Go

Your money is used where it should be – for the implementation and operation of humanitarian and development projects and for saving the lives of children and their families in Somalia and Kenya.


Contributions from private donors are the most important income for us. They enable us to provide help quickly, independently from grants and other contributions from governmental institutions. Efficiency and transparency are especially important to us. Somali Aid does not waste the finances for running big offices or for image campaigns


We are transparent – each donor who registers on our website will receive a regular monthly overview of how the donations are being used.

What We Have Done


Households gained access to clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation.


Accessed training and sensitized on peace building and integration.


Poor households benefitted from restocking and farm inputs and training.


People were screened and treated on various illnesses including Malnutrition and Polio

Work With Us

We cooperate on our projects with various foundations and some projects are financed via partnerships with Oxfam, Medair, or with UN (UNICEF, World Food Program, UNOCHA, FAO).


We create humanitarian and development projects to save lives and reduce the suffering of those in need. In particular, we try to save lives and provide support to the victims of disasters and epidemics. Our strategic field offices and competent project personnel enable us to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Cooperation with local communities allows us to give direct support to the local population.


General coordination of projects takes place in Nairobi and is carried out by the Section heads based in Nairobi Office. The coordinators are specialists in the respective sections and specifically provide managerial, logistical, and technical assistance so that the mission in a particular area is successful. The coordinators also manage acute interventions in emergencies and carry out exploratory trips to affected areas.

We value our staff as the greatest asset in what we do. That’s why we offer attractive rewards and opportunities to our teams including;

  • Competitive financial remuneration.
  • Per diem during the assignment.
  • Accommodation in the place of work; for some field roles.
  • Expenses for travel to and from the mission.
  • Staff Medical Insurance Covers.
  • Space for self-realization and personal development.
  • Work in a very interesting environment with different cultural backgrounds.